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Change Season-Fallen Leaves

But the word “fall” is a bit misleading. It implies that the trees are passive this time of year, when, in fact, they are actively “pushing” the leaves off their branches

In this time of change, its time to “PUSH OFF”

PUSH OFF… toxic relationships

PUSH OFF… negative thoughts

PUSH OFF … (You fill in the blank)

WHY…? I’m glad you asked!

For your Survival.

Nature’s lesson shows us that leaves fall—or are pushed—off trees so that the tree can survive the winter and grow new leaves in the spring.

As your season change, if your refuse to PUSH OFF everything that is out of season you jeopardize your survival.

Your Guide to PUSHING OFF

1. Spend dedicated & focused time alone with God.

I recommend a morning Prayer Walk. A time focused on hearing God’s voice and sharing is a game-changer. When You synch with God to start your day… you are unstoppable. Try it!

2. Digest the word. Pause… I am not your Holy Roller or Bible Thumper.

So, make this realistic. I sit with 1 scripture that is relevant to my season till it is worn out. Memorize it… Find a song that correlates with it… Turn it into a scripture-based prayer… Link quotes to it. Make it REAL…Live the Scripture out. Otherwise, you are just taste testing…& I need to digest!

3. Spend time with YOU…for YOU!

I don’t know if you missed the memo but, you are the most important person in your life! You that Boss B (guess I can’t curse since I was just on my God-talk huh- but you get the picture).

You deserve a relationship with yourself. How the lyrics go… “Form a threesome with ME, MYSELF & I.” (Me by Tamia). I know this is easier said than done, but I challenge you to start small and grow from there. YOU DESERVE IT!

I’m Angela, Your Success Coach and I challenge you to grow in success and become an inspired version of yourself.

Take the Success Language Quiz. It's designed to help you begin to understand who you are, where your opportunities & strengths are & GROW IN SUCCESS!

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