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Are You Afraid of Success- Cause???

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

The fear of success has more than one cause.

Are You Afraid of Success?

The idea that someone can be afraid of success sounds odd to many people. Fear of

failure is easier for most people to comprehend, but a fear of success? It sounds


After all, who wouldn’t want to be more successful? Perhaps you!

Fear of success is a common obstacle to consistent and lasting success. People are

often masters of achieving 90% of a goal, only to throw it all away at the last moment.

Cause & Effect of Success

1. Fear of change. Humans are programmed to avoid change. This is true even if your life is in the pits. Why would this be? Because even if you’re highly displeased with your life, you’re still surviving. Your brain is concerned about what might happen if your situation changes. As far as your brain is concerned, alive and miserable is better than possibly happy and dead.

2. Fear of greater responsibility. Success brings more responsibility. In many cases, you have to become more responsive to experience more success. When you’ve become successful, people expect more from you.

Starting a business and experiencing success is great, but now you might

have employees that rely on you.

Building a real estate empire sounds great, but now you have tenants,

debt, and complex taxes to deal with.

3. Fear of standing out. Some people love attention, but many do not. People notice when you’re successful, and many will dislike you for it. Jealousy and feelings of mediocrity can bring out the worst in others.

There are people that would prefer to just blend into the background than stand in the spotlight. Perhaps you feel this way, too.

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