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Are You Afraid of Success - Symptoms

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Fear success show several of the same symptoms

The idea that someone can be afraid of success sounds odd to many people. Fear of

failure is easier for most people to comprehend, but a fear of success?

It sounds preposterous.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be more successful? Perhaps you!

Fear of success is a common obstacle to consistent and lasting success. People are

often masters of achieving 90% of a goal, only to throw it all away at the last moment.

Fear of Success Symptoms

1. Self-sabotage. Everyone has experienced that before. You’re doing well and

making great progress. Then, it seems like the wheels just fall off. You make silly

mistakes. You make poor choices. This is easy to see in others but can be

challenging to identify in yourself.

2. Changing goals. You get close to achieving success and then suddenly decide to

change your mind and do something else instead. If you keep changing

direction, you’ll never make any real progress. Choose an appealing goal and

stick with it.

3. Procrastination. A sudden lack of motivation is a common sign that you’re

afraid of success. Procrastination is a primary killer of progress.

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