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WIFM- What's in it for me?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Building Trust with EMPATHY.

When others feel that your motives are not in their best interest... TRUST Wobbles.

Build trust by directing Empathy towards others

So the most common trust wobble is empathy. The most common wobble is that people just don't believe that we're mostly in it for them, and they believe that we're too self-distracted. And it's no wonder. We are all so busy with so many demands on our time, it's easy to crowd out the time and space that empathy requires. EMPATHY that takes real-time. And for us, if we have too much to do, we may not have that time. But that puts us into a vicious cycle because without revealing empathy, it makes everything harder. Without the benefit of the doubt of trust, it makes everything harder, and then we have less and less time for empathy, and so it goes.

So here's the prescription

Identify where, when, and to whom you are likely to offer your distraction. That should trace pretty perfectly to when, where, and to whom you are likely to withhold your empathy. And if in those instances, we can come up with a trigger that gets us to look up, look at the people right in front of us, listen to them, deeply immerse ourselves in their perspectives, then we have a chance of having a sturdy leg of empathy. And if you do nothing else, please put away your cell phone. It is the largest distraction magnet yet to be made, and it is super difficult to create empathy and trust in its presence. That takes care of the empathy wobblers.

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