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Be Yourself... Everyone Else is Already Taken.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Building Trust with AUTHENTICITY.

When others feel that your motives are not in their best interest... TRUST Wobbles.

Build trust by showing up- Authentically.

The authenticity wobble is the most vexing. We as a human species can sniff out in a moment, literally in a moment, whether or not someone is being their authentic true self. So in many ways, the prescription is clear. You don't want to have an authenticity wobble? Be you. Great. And that is super easy to do when you're around people who are like you. But if you represent any sort of difference, the prescription to "be you" can be super challenging.

We tend to mute who we are in the world. Especially if you are a woman of super-strong opinions, with really deep convictions, and direct speech. We have the temptation to hold back who we are, and if we hold back who we are, we're less likely to be trusted. And the downward spiral continues, in business, personal ...HELL Life.

The prescription.

Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous. Represent YOUR brand. Payless attention to what you think people want to hear from you and far more attention to what your authentic, awesome self needs to say. And to the leaders in the room, it is your obligation to set the conditions that not only make it safe for others to be authentic but make it welcome, make it celebrated, cherish it for exactly what it is, which is the key for us achieving greater excellence than we have ever known is possible.

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