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Close the Gap!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The greatest gap in the world is the space between "KNOWING" & "DOING"

5 "frogs are sitting" on a log, 4 "decide to jump off", how many "frogs are left"?

Right now, your thinking this has to be a trick question.

Don't over think it... No Rush,.. No calculator needed,,,

As you are considering this question, I want you to consider how many things you have decided to do but yet they are still on your to-do-list. If your to-do list was to-done, what would be the impact on your life?

What's Your Answer? ... NOT... Your Excuse... NOT... Your Explanation...

Making a “decision is the start of the process, which in many cases is met with obstacles. You know, like fear, procrastination or just not knowing how.

I challenge you today to "jump' and gain your wings as you fall. Just decide what tiny action you will take today. And then take it. Don’t wait for one-hundred percent readiness. It will never come. Go for it. Run straight at it. Get exposed. Risk messing up. Failing is not a problem you will face. Failing is how you get there.

By the Way... The answer is five.

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