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Helping High-Performing Women Who Want MORE Reach Their Biggest, Most Audacious Goals. 

Get The 4-Step Formula

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Take the first step to building the kind of success that inspires you every single day. 



You’ve checked all of the boxes. 

    A man

    A house

    A well-paying job

    An education

    Multiple promotions (but it’s not really about the promotion is it?)

    Nice Cars

By everyone else’s standards, you have already MADE it. 

And you’re wondering if you’re crazy because where you are right now, and what you have SHOULD be enough…….


But it’s not. 


Sit with that for a second. Because unlike what everyone else is here to tell you, I know it’s not enough. And you know what? It’s okay.


You’re asking yourself, “WHY is it not enough?”

You feel within every fiber of your being, the need for MORE. 


Everyone else will make you feel like you’re ungrateful-But they’re wrong. 



What’s left to check off? And what do you REALLY have to show for it?

    A pat on the back

    Permission to be comfortable


Truth Bomb: 

Being comfortable is death to high-performing women


The pat on the back is nice.

Being comfortable is ….boring and unfulfilling

But that’s not why you’re here spending this time with me. You’re not here because you’re looking for nice, boring and unfulfilling.

You need it all to MEAN something. 

What will be your contribution to the world?

What will you leave for those that come behind you?






Success isn’t just something you can touch. It’s something you can FEEL. 

It’s living a life that you designed;

  • Not the one others said you should have;

  • Not one defined by circumstances;

  • And not a life spent playing small and never knowing what you could’ve built. 

Contrary to popular opinion, I believe we are already successful. 

The potential to be exactly who we were designed to be resides in all of us, just like the acorn has the potential to be successful (to become a mighty oak tree).

Really, it becomes a question of our CAPACITY for success.

Our capacity for success is what we grow. It’s the SIZE of the CONTAINER; our ability to have success and hold onto it without self-sabotaging. 

And that’s the problem with most coaching models.

They offer "one-size fits all" offerings that place too much emphasis on your outer world, and things you can touch.  


When we do the inner work of building out our capacity as leaders, then we can show up as inspired versions of ourselves in our lives and in our work, which will in turn show up in the amplification of our impact and contribution to the world.


As a high-performing leader, there will be challenges, there will be triggers, there will be takers. When your inner core is strong, you will have the energy and strength to keep moving forward and still hold space for others; allowing you to amplify your mission, revenue and impact. 


The hard truth is…

You want MORE but you feel stuck and you’re not sure what step to take to get it. 

And that's where I come in. 

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Hi, I'm Angela

I’m a  keynote speaker, and John Maxwell and Steven Covey certified coach with over 20 years of experience coaching women, teams, and organizations to grow, design, and expand their capacity to achieve and sustain success on their own terms without sabotaging it when they get it.

I help you get MORE when comfortable is no longer ENOUGH.


Because what good is making 6 or 7 figures if all of your relationships are falling apart?


What good is a promotion if your responsibilities increase significantly but your pay does not, and you’re exhausted all of the time?


What good is the house and the cars if you still feel like something is missing and you’re not even sure of who you are?

I am your coach if you are ready to go all in on building success and your impact:

  • To having a deeply connected village of family and friends free from toxicity and unhealthy boundaries…

  • To finally getting the promotion you deserve, getting your business out, and creating something that can be left for those to follow you….

  • To reconnecting with the REAL YOU and bringing the things you want most into your world.

It means never wondering what your next step should be, because you always know what you should be working on. It's a place where I hold you accountable to your vision and goals without excuses, stagnation or self-sabotage.

And I can promise you that you won’t get a boring, one-size fits all approach, that over-promises and under-delivers.


So Now You Have A Decision To Make:


Put off working on you and your legacy for just another day, and allow another day to become two, then three, and find yourself in the same position you’re in now.


Make the decision to build a vision and create a step-by-step blueprint for building the kind of success you’ve been dreaming about.


The Entrepreneur Experience
Black Wall Street Today
Achi Awards
Enjoying Life on Purpose


Nakia Harris

"I am a professional educator, Minister, and entrepreneur. Working with Angela provided an exceptional plan of action; enabling me to add value to myself, process change, create a paradigm of holistic growth and pursue success with an empire state of mind."

Nakia Harris
Founder of Project Change

Blair Durham

“I am bombarded with thousands of messages a day. There is always a constant battle for my attention. From family, business, emails, text, and social media, I could go on. 

My world is cluttered with words. In working with Angela, I gained the ability to identify with people and relate in a way that increases my influence. My success in all arenas depended on it. Learning the art of connecting has strengthened by influence, my relationships are healthier, and my career environment is promoting. 

Connecting has changed my life!"

Blair Durham
Founder of Black BRAND

Alana Brown

"My coaching experience helped identify things I needed to work on within myself. Looking at the factor of reflecting back on life and making a commitment.

The process provided exercises that helped me gain clarity, process my findings, and plan a way forward. The exercise where I identify my purpose name and identify my weaknesses “ Gaps” removed roadblocks and cleared a path for me to grow. Angela creates a community environment and a space to talk with others and fully release how I feel and continue my healing process. 

Mrs. Angela is truly a go-to person if you feel stuck, need help, or even if you need business development help as an entrepreneur."

Alana Brown
Founder of Girl Creator

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Crack The Success Code. 

Creating the kind of success that inspires you every single day is hard if you don’t know what you want to build and you’re not sure how to get it. But I’ve created a simple 4-step formula that lays out the exact steps you need to take in order to design successful outcomes in your life.


Click below to get this on-demand masterclass and see exactly how I take my coaching clients from stuck and unfulfilled to inspired and building sustainable success.

The Success Code

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